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Day-to-Day Activities

All students are part of a team of 4 or 5 people, with whom they live and meet for Bible study each week. The weekly commitments involve:

  • Rally Night (like a NavNight)

  • Workshop Night

  • Bible study preparation

  • Team Bible study

  • Evangelism Training

  • Beach Evangelism - students go out in pairs initiating conversations with beach-goers that involves sharing a short illustration of the gospel.

  • Spending extended time with Jesus

  • Program-wide organized fun

  • Team bonding

  • Free time

  • Work/Volunteering

  • Church


Please see the schedules below to get a better idea of a typical week for Team Leaders and Team Members. Remember the primary goal is for students to spend time with the Lord, live life and learn from other believers, and share their faith in the workplace.

Team Leader Weekly Schedule
Team Member Weekly Schedule
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