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Program Cost

The program costs $3,200. This covers room, board, all meals (except for Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch) activities, unparalleled training in Christ-likeness, evangelism and Bible study materials, along with administrative expenses, weekly group bonding activities, and meeting space rental fees. This amount also covers a 13% admin fee given to the Navigators for money processing, Insurance, tax-deductible receipting and more. 

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If attending JAX STP, you will be able to raise support through the financial gifts of family, friends, and local churches. After applying to the program and being accepted, each student will receive the information needed to raise support for the summer. We will provide you with sample letters, donor cards, and everything necessary to help you raise support. We view support-raising as an opportunity to ask family and friends to join us in advancing God's kingdom. You are not required to raise support to attend the program and can choose to pay the program fee. Having a team of financial supporters also nets you a team of prayer partners who are committed to bringing you before God on a regular basis. Plus, if your tuition is paid for by financial partners you can take home whatever money you receive on your paychecks.  Through the Navigators, you are allowed to raise your program fee, housing, and also additional money that can be paid to you as an honorarium.​​


Team Members will work full time, 40 hours a week, working jobs Monday through Friday.  Team Leaders will work part-time, 20 hours a week, Monday through Friday. The Navigators have several employer partners in Jacksonville that agree to employ students attending JAX STP. Most of the companies are common work jobs – moving companies, recreation companies, child care, hospitality, and shipping distribution. Students are ultimately in charge of finding their own employment but they will be aided by Navigator staff job coordinators. ​

If you desire to seek out your own specific job in your own area of interest or study, students can feel free to search and secure their own jobs, within the parameters of the program. A few of the program parameters include having a reasonable commute, working Monday through Friday, off by 5 pm, and also communicating to the employer your start and end dates in Jacksonville. If interested in finding a job not provided by our employer partners, upon acceptance to JAX STP please contact the Job Coordinator at

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Since the JAX STP schedule allows for regular work hours, students in past summers have been able to find and secure internships in Jacksonville. If you're interested in finding an internship in Jacksonville for the summer, our advice would be to start looking for opportunities in your field in Jacksonville. Be sure to let our Jobs Coordinator know of your search at

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